Nigel Peake Is in the City

I discovered the work of Nigel Peake very recently, and it’s turned into one of those peculiar things where, after the immediate discovery the particular thing pops up around every corner of your life..but i’m not complaining, I’m a great fan. I have also become very inspired by his way of representing different elements through the use of slight variations in both colour and line.


In a follow-up to his one-of-a-kind, drawn ode to the Irish countryside, In the Wilds, artist and architect Nigel Peake is back with In the City, a set of equally gorgeous watercolor-drawings on all things urban. This new book is a result of his ever-careful examination of ten cities — Shanghai, New York, Antwerp, London, Paris, Oslo, Lausanne, Budapest, Istanbul, and San Francisco, explored on foot. Peake sees cities, wherever they are, as an aggregation of units: the smallest materials and patterns give shape to the larger ones (apartments, stores, and parking lots), and then greater collections (neighborhoods and boroughs). Streets and bridges also fascinate him, as they separate and define the units that make up the city, but are also central to its patterns. He is awed by the sheer diversity of textures in a city — and how they fragment and change over time, creating a…

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