unnamed (1)
               Cesca Lauren Boldy. Francesca for long.

Born and bred in Cambridge, where the first 4 four years of my life were planted. A three bed bungalow with my parents and younger sister Alexa, where our days were spent in sandpits, paddling pools, flower beds and other people’s beds…

Upon one of my dad’s ‘it’s an adventure’ motorbike trips, he came across our beautiful current haven, an 1830’s build grade II listed old stables block for the village’s castle. With the birth of my younger brother Fraser soon after arrival, our childhood dreams were set, with the never-ending bleating of sheep, chirping of birds and flowing of rivers fresh from the nearby hills.

Since moving here when I was 4,  I’ve spent my years growing up in this rural village, miles away from schools, shops and friends, but as cliché as it is to really has ‘made me who I am’, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

After ‘flying the nest’ Sept 2012, I have begun a new journey, and am currently undergoing my second fabulous year of studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. I’ve accepted that I will probably have to live a life explaining what I do, but that’s fine because every response I’ve had so far goes along the lines of..’That’s so cool!’..or..’Sounds so much more exciting than what I do!’ along with the hard work, late nights, and endless drawings of trees..I know I’m in for a treat.

I’ve always had an eye for design. Whether it be colour, shape, pattern…my day to day life consists of noticing things most people probably don’t. I have come to the very late and overdue decision to finally form a blog to share what I enjoy the most, things which fascinate and inspire me each day and hope that instead of bombarding my usual victims with links upon links of ‘cool things’..I can bombard many more.

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